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A virtual venue

Communication with engaging, meaningful online interactions.

Collab is set to become the first truly virtual working world, with virtual offices, regional co-working hubs, campuses, lecture theatres, social spots, entertainment venues and events.

A Collab virtual office brings together freelancers, digital nomads, contractors, remote working teams, start-ups and micro to large businesses that are searching for an ecosystem that allows some structure to their working environment. The unique environment provides incredible opportunities for networking, recruitment, business support, wellbeing, investment and social interaction on an enterprise scale.

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Virtual Sports Bar

Grab a private table in our virtual venue with your mates and watch the game.

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Remote working
“We’ve used Collab now for several meetings and are over the moon – it’s about as close to being in a room with other people as you can be… we have definitely connected with new people and generated new clients through using the Collab platform. We are now recommending it to Nettl clients who are looking for alternative ways to hold online events.”
Lesley, Director
Nettl of Newark and Grantham
A virtual venue

Mimic physical co-working and office space with interactive online venues.

By becoming a Collab member, you can setup in an office for the day, chill in the café, host a private board meeting, indulge in a networking beer or collaborate on a virtual whiteboard.

Our friendly Collab Virtual Office Managers will provide support and deliver on a range of both business and social events which combine to offer unparalleled value from wherever you setup your office anywhere in the world.

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“The Collab Virtual Office has been a great asset to the Gusto Group during the current pandemic… having the Collab page open and seeing everyone sat at their tables, knowing that they are just a click away, lessens the feeling of isolation.”
Emma, Office Manager
Gusto Construction
A virtual venue

Create a virtual event

Looking to host a virtual event that provides a completely unique experience in a way that a Zoom or Teams call just can’t do? We can build a floor plan limited only by your imagination that will form the backdrop to an unforgettable event for your guests.

To understand the functionality we really want you to experience the platform for yourself. Please complete the form below and then make your way to our HQ to try it out for yourself!

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