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A virtual venue

Turn your flat Zoom or Teams call into a truly virtual event.

Utilising the Remo platform, Collab can help you turn a video call into a virtual event that your guests and delegates will love to attend.  Collab is resetting expectations on what’s possible online.

The Collab team can take your event idea and transform it into an engaging, interactive and fun to attend virtual event that feels nothing like a video call.  The combination of Collab’s custom designed venues and range of key tips and tricks and the market leading Remo software that allows you to move to different locations and easily choose between a private or group conversation; is a total solution that’s hard to beat.

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Virtual Pub

Grab a table in our virtual pub and see what you think!

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Remote working
“We’ve used Collab now for several meetings and are over the moon – it’s about as close to being in a room with other people as you can be… we have definitely connected with new people and generated new clients through using the Collab platform. We are now recommending it to Nettl clients who are looking for alternative ways to hold online events.”
Lesley, Director
Nettl of Newark and Grantham
A virtual venue

Mimic physical spaces to give your guests a sense of familiarity, or let your imagination run wild.

By working with our Venue Architects we can recreate physical venues in intricate detail to make your guests feel at home or without the confines of bricks and mortar anything is possible.

We throw away the standard uninspiring floor plans available on Remo and custom build 3D renders to your specifications that level up virtual events to keep guests coming back.

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“The Collab Virtual Office has been a great asset to the Gusto Group during the current pandemic… having the Collab page open and seeing everyone sat at their tables, knowing that they are just a click away, lessens the feeling of isolation.”
Emma, Office Manager
Gusto Construction
A virtual venue

How does it work?  

We’ll guide you through the steps of the Remo software package that will work best for you and combine it with Collab’s range of event design and support services that will take your event to the next level.

Our floor plans start from £450 and our event consultancy services start from £1500, helping you plan all of the elements of your event and deliver the perfect virtual event.

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