About Us

Remote working

Collab came out of the necessity of finding a more efficient and enjoyable way of remote working that could improve the effectiveness of teams spread outside an office environment.

Collab utilises video conferencing software at its core but has been repurposed and redesigned to create unique virtual office venues for geographical regions. Combining a virtual desk with video chat, text message and white boards to make communication more dynamic and less hassle.

Collab is the result of a collaborative project between Steff Wright of Gusto Group and Dean Graham of CityX who found a common ground in envisioning a virtual world and what it could achieve on a global scale. Backed by Gusto Group, Collab launched a pilot scheme for a Nottinghamshire virtual office in November 2020 with the intention of rolling out virtual offices throughout 2021.

The Collab Team

Steff Wright
Executive Chairman
Steff Wright
Dean Graham
Kerri McGarrigle
Virtual Office Manager
Sophie Rookes
Membership Development Manager
Jed Wright
Business Development Manager
Joshua Nurse
Lead Designer
Samantha Adams
Senior Designer
Callum Bates
Floor Plan Designer
Eleasha Reay
Community Communications

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